STEM Education Programs


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An eligible institution is generally any accredited public, nonprofit, or private college, university, vocational school, or other postsecondary institution

All organizations and corporations are encouraged to apply, Lance Rulers reserves the right to approve or deny any account access to the STEM Education Programs.

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Incorporating rulers and measuring tools in education challenges students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, thereby enhancing their problem-solving skills. Whether measuring the length of a shadow in a science experiment or determining the perimeter of a design in art class, students learn to navigate and solve real-world problems.
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Apply for STEM Programs

The first step is reaching out... we'll work with you and your team to determine what programs (bulk discounting, net terms, acount management etc) you are eligible.

Programs for Educational Institutions and Business Accounts

Our Bulk Discounting Program is specifically designed to support educational institutions and businesses by offering a comprehensive package that combines financial flexibility, personalized service, and an extensive selection of products. Recognizing the diverse needs of schools, universities, and businesses, our program is tailored to provide significant savings, enhanced purchasing processes, and access to over 71,000 in-stock items catering to various operational and educational requirements.

Features of the Bulk Discounting Program

Net Terms: To facilitate ease of transactions and financial planning, our program includes net terms, allowing eligible institutions and business accounts to pay for their purchases within a specified period. This feature is designed to provide organizations with the flexibility to manage their budgets effectively, enabling them to make necessary acquisitions without immediate financial strain.

Special Pricing: Participants in our Bulk Discounting Program benefit from special pricing on a wide range of products. This feature ensures that educational institutions and businesses can access the tools, materials, and resources they need at a cost that reflects their bulk purchasing and contributes to their financial sustainability.

Account Management: We understand the importance of personalized service in managing the complex needs of educational and business accounts. Our program includes dedicated account management, offering a single point of contact for all inquiries, orders, and service needs. This personalized approach ensures that every account receives the attention and support necessary to streamline their purchasing process and maximize the benefits of our program.

Access to Over 71,000 In-Stock Products: Our extensive inventory is a cornerstone of the Bulk Discounting Program. With access to over 71,000 in-stock products, participating institutions and businesses can easily find and procure the supplies they require for their operations, educational programs, or projects. This vast selection spans across categories, ensuring that regardless of the specific needs, our program participants can source high-quality products efficiently.

Benefits for Educational Institutions and Businesses

  • Cost Savings: Through special pricing and bulk discounts, institutions can achieve considerable savings, allowing for the reallocation of funds to other critical areas of their operation or educational program.

  • Streamlined Procurement: With net terms and dedicated account management, the purchasing process is simplified and customized to fit the unique needs and timelines of each organization.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The vast inventory accessible through the program ensures that educational institutions and businesses can meet their diverse needs without having to engage multiple suppliers, saving time and reducing complexity.

  • Support for Educational and Operational Excellence: By providing educational institutions and businesses with the tools and resources they need at competitive prices, our program supports their mission to deliver high-quality education and services.

Getting Started

To participate in the Bulk Discounting Program or for more information, educational institutions and business accounts are encouraged to contact our dedicated program team. Our representatives are ready to assist with enrollment, discuss specific needs, and tailor the program benefits to meet the unique requirements of each organization.

Our commitment to supporting educational and business excellence drives us to continuously evolve our Bulk Discounting Program, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for our partners. Join us in fostering an environment where access to quality resources and financial flexibility contributes to the growth and success of educational institutions and businesses alike.