Cuff Rulers

  • Cuff rulers are specialized measuring tools used for measuring cuffs, sleeves, and other narrow or curved parts of garments. Lance Cuff Rulers are made of aluminum and have a curved shape that conforms to the contours of the garment.
  • Cuff rulers usually come in two parts, with one part fitting inside the cuff or sleeve and the other part outside. They may have different measurement units, such as inches or centimeters, and may feature markings for different sizes or types of cuffs.
  • To use a cuff ruler, you would insert the inside part of the ruler into the cuff or sleeve and adjust it until it fits snugly. Then, you would use the outside part of the ruler to measure the length or width of the cuff or sleeve.
  • Cuff rulers are commonly used in the garment industry by tailors, seamstresses, and other professionals who need to measure cuffs and sleeves accurately. They are also useful for home sewers and DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve a professional-looking finish on their garments.
  • Overall, cuff rulers are a simple but essential tool for anyone who needs to measure cuffs, sleeves, and other narrow or curved parts of garments. They are easy to use, accurate, and can help save time and frustration when measuring and cutting fabric.
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