L-Square Rulers

  • An L-square ruler, also known as a carpenter's square or framing square, is a measuring tool used in carpentry, construction, and other trades. It is shaped like an "L," with two perpendicular arms that meet at a right angle. The longer arm, called the blade, typically measures 24 inches or more, while the shorter arm, called the tongue, is usually around 16 inches long.
  • Lance L-square rulers are made of aluminum and may feature markings in inches or metric units. They may also have additional features, such as beveled edges for increased accuracy, or a protractor for measuring angles.
  • L-square rulers are used for a variety of tasks, such as measuring and marking lumber for cutting, laying out and squaring walls and frames, and checking the squareness of corners and angles. They can also be used to measure and mark angles, make perpendicular cuts, and create templates for repetitive cuts or shapes.
  • To use an L-square ruler, you would place the blade along the edge of the material you want to measure or mark and align the tongue perpendicular to the blade. Then, you would read the measurement from the markings along the blade or tongue.
  • Overall, L-square rulers are a versatile and essential tool for anyone working in carpentry, construction, or other trades that require precise measurements and square angles. They are easy to use, accurate, and can help save time and effort when measuring and marking materials
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